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Have Some Fun In The New Year

January 1st marked the start of the New Year, and the push for New Year's Resolutions and goal setting. According to a recent Urban Plates/Ipsos poll, 2 in every 5 Americans have made New Year's resolutions, with 47% surveyed saying healthier eating is a top priority for 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic has played a big factor in goal setting this year, in which the poll shows 42% are putting their focus on mental health.

Do Resolutions Last?
Over half of those who make resolutions do not keep them throughout the year, with 1 in 10 keeping them for less than a month. Top reasons for breaking resolutions are a lack of motivation (35%), being too busy (19%), and 1 in 10 said they did not have the support they needed to be successful.

Throughout the month of January, we will be sharing tips for establishing healthy habits in the New Year on our social media channels so our community members can create positive, obtainable goals for themselves.

Preparing for The New Year At Mid-Atlantic
As our team geared up for the holiday season, our culture champion and site director Kylee Rose, LCSW cultivated an end-of-year activity to learn new habits, be healthy, and have a little fun while doing it. Each Newark team member was given a gingerbread version of themselves that was placed on a playing board, as well as a list of activities to complete between Thanksgiving and New Year. These activities spanned practices for physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as encouraged kindness towards their peers and the community. Everyone was asked to document their progress to collect points and were able to move their gingerbread person along the game board as they did so. All activities were small and obtainable, and sharing progress acted as an accountability and support tool. Prizes were awarded at landmarks and ended with sharing their New Year’s resolutions, with the hope that some were determined from picking up new habits along the way.

Resilience In Times of Uncertainty

To say this past year has been full of challenges, would be an understatement.  Recently we have been faced with the changing plans for hybrid and virtual schooling, fluctuating restrictions due to COVID-19, and a holiday season that will be limited in many ways.

The Wave Part II: Avoidance to Acceptance

Time stood still for Anne. Everyone else’s lives kept moving. She could see others in their boat talking to each other, laughing and making plans. Eventually, everyone’s voices began to get muffled. The darkness of the storm turned to a gray hue. The shock was wearing off. Out of sheer survival she began to tread water and pull on whatever it was that was anchoring her. 

illustrated woman holding her knees to her chest under a cloud pouring rain

The Wave, Part I : A Story of Grief

The Waves

When Tom died, it was as if I found myself thrown from the boat in the middle of a hurricane storm. I’m in the water, struggling to tread water, and there’s something tied to my leg pulling me under. I can’t swim back to the boat. I am helpless. The boat is circling around me with everyone else on the planet - except him. I can’t see him anymore. I am struggling between the tears and the water to find him on the boat. Can someone help me? Can someone please find him? The boat just continues to circle around me. Family, friends and strangers are on the boat  shouting at me, looking down, commentating about the tragedy that has befallen me.